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Buy a Brick Paver...and write your name into the
history of the Paw Paw District Library


Your donation will help build a "portal to the future" for library services.
Your name, or name of a loved one, will be engraved on a brick paver and
located at the entrance of the library.


Different-sized pavers are available. Make your gift today and become
part of this exciting chapter in the history of the library and

the greater Paw Paw community!


$100 (8x4) 2 lines

$250 (8x8) 3 lines

$500 (12x12) 4 lines

*maximum of 15 characters per line


Stop in the library for more information or download and print an application here.
Drop off your application at the library or mail it to us at:
609 W. Michigan Ave.
Paw Paw, MI 49079



Monetary Donations



Gift Tribute

Recognize a person or commemorate an event with this special tribute. The Paw Paw District Library will purchase materials and place a book plate on the item honoring the person or event. A letter will be sent to the honored person acknowledging your generosity. Library tributes help the community by improving the library's collection and facilities. A tribute is a unique way to combine your enthusiasm for the Paw Paw District Library and recognize the person or event.


Gift Tribute Request Forms can be found on the pamphlet wall in the library's lobby.



Books and Materials

The library appreciates gifts of new, high quality, or useful book or audio-visual materials. However, there may be times when material gifts cannot be accepted into the library collection due to the item already existing in the library, the condition of the item, or expected usefulness of the item.


Materials the library cannot use will go on the library book sale shelf or the Friends Book Sale. Proceeds from the Friend's book sale will support library programs.

8x4 (2 lines)


8x8 (3 lines)


12x12 (4 lines)